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Inland Pro Sound 1000 Computer Speakers with AC Power

Made of high impact ABS Plastic (beige) Wire Mesh speaker grill Magnetically shielded Power On/Off switch Includes 6V DC adapter Product DescriptionYour basic, high-end quality computer speaker has now been made affordable by Inland. Through quality components and manufacturing the Pro Sound 1000...

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Adjustable Laptop Table Laptop Laidback Computer Desk Portable Bed Tray Book Stand Multifuctional & Ergonomics design dual layer tabletop up to 19″ on width

Posted by admin | Posted in Computer | Posted on 31-03-2010


  • Unique joint locking design to fit virtually angles and positions
  • Made by silver aluminum alloy – ultra light and strong, Dual Layer Tabletop – 30lbs capacity
  • Highly functional with multiple uses, Extra wide design gives you more room
  • Rubber wrist/slide guard
  • Easy storage and portability

Product Description
Our Comfylap laptop table is more than just a laptop desk or laptop stand. It is a multiple function table tray to help you organize better. You can easily change its shape by pushing the buttons on the joints. It suits a wide variety of functions as a computer laptop stand, bed tray, breakfast table and book holder.
***Dimensions:**Surface: W19″(48cm) x D10 1/2″(27cm)*Legs: L10 1/2″(27cm)… More >>

Adjustable Laptop Table Laptop Laidback Computer Desk Portable Bed Tray Book Stand Multifuctional & Ergonomics design dual layer tabletop up to 19″ on width

Comments (2)

This was purchased primarily for use while sitting up in bed. It has performed without failure now for around 6 months supporting a heavy gaming laptop. Although the adjustable locking leg joints at first appeared too fragile, they have never failed. The front supporting edge of the surface is rubber with this model A4 and has fit my laptop perfectly.

I bought another model with fan before but he front supporting edge of the surface is metal and has slightly abraided the front edge of my laptop; I added some self adhesive padding to the edge to prevent this.

I would purchase again and recommend it with the caveats as noted.

Rating: 5 / 5

Very versatile and light. The product could be sturdier, but then it would not be as light (portability) or easy to change the setup (versatility). There are several models of this product but I chose A4 because it is 1″ wider and it has a rubber pad along the horizontal bottom that touches your laptop. There is another model that has a cooling mechanism (and no rubber pad), but the dual layer setup of this model can take care of the cooling. I was surprised to see the hollow core (that’s what “dual layer” means) – for aesthetic reasons a closed edge would look nicer, but this allows heat to escape. Changing the angles is not as quick as I thought since you have to press the button in while simultaneously changing the angle. But this is probably preferable to buttons that pop out, since part of what makes this great is you can actually pack it up and take it places since it’s so streamlined. Despite these observations, it’s hard to see how they could come up with a better design, all things considered. I hope they have other model wider than 10.5″ to fit most laptops from top to bottom (the side-to-side width of 19″ is great). The actual flat surface from top to bottom is only 9.75″ because the remaining 0.75″ is the rubber edge. My laptop is still stable enough on it. One reviewer said the 19″ is wide enough to write notes on the side, but I find that doing so takes away some stability. Again, that’s the tradeoff of less stability and more lightness. Probably I would prefer a little more stability but still think it’s a great product.
Rating: 5 / 5

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