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Case Logic PAS-217 17-Inch Macbook Neoprene Sleeve

Posted by admin | Posted in Computer | Posted on 19-10-2010


  • Power Pocket for an AC/Power adapter
  • Plush sueded interior protects laptop from scratches
  • Dedicated, easily accessible pocket to store and protect USB drive
  • Six millimeters of protection ? 3mm neoprene, 3mm foam
  • Fits widescreen laptops

Product Description
Case Logic is obsessed with organization! No matter who you are, what toys, tools or technology you have, where you are, or where you are going, Case Logic is your partner in managing the things that matter to you. We are the “stuff wranglers” that make life easier. With this focus in mind, Caselogic introduces the PAS-217 17-Inch Macbook Neoprene Sleeve. Product features Power Pocket for an AC/Power adapter. Plush sueded interior protects laptop from scratches. D… More >>

Comments (5)

A year ago my boyfriend got the Caselogic PAS-13 neoprene sleeve for his 13″ Macbook Pro and it was awesome. The fit was perfect, it didn’t scratch the laptop’s corners, the bag was well-constructed and high quality, and the price was right. So when I finally upgraded my old Dell to a brand new 13″ Macbook Pro, I went for the same case. The only problem: Caselogic stopped making the PAS-13 and has replaced it with this case, the PAS-213. Same difference, right? Wrong. I was seriously disappointed with this case. First, the case does not fit the 13″ Macbook Pro well at all–it is too big, and the dimensions are wrong for this laptop. The case is a very loose fit on my 13″ Macbook Pro, despite claiming to be made for it (believe me, it is not). Second, perhaps because the fit is not good, the zipper on the case is scratching the corners of my new Macbook Pro. Third, the construction is not as high quality; some of the stitches are already coming out after only a couple months of use.

Sadly, Caselogic has replaced what used to be a wonderful product (the PAS-13) which was well-made and fit the 13″ Macbook Pro like a glove with the PAS-213, which is a far inferior product. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!
Rating: 2 / 5

I bought this because I wanted a protective, stretchy, neoprene sleeve for my 15″ MacBook Pro, but I also wanted a case that could hold my charger, flashdrives, and other accessories. This seemed like the PERFECT combination of the two, so I gave it a shot and ordered it. I got it quickly, and it hasn’t let me down yet.

It’s got a very soft, protecting lining in the interior so it won’t scratch your computer. I carry around my laptop with a cooling pad shoved in on top of the laptop (there was a little extra room as this can fit 16″ screens too) and the case stretches to conform to it. The outside zipper pocket is extremely helpful, I’m so glad I found this case, and It is very stretchy as well. It will conform to any shape of accessories you put in it without permanently stretching it out, it will always return to its original shape and size. My minimum that I have in the outside pocket is my laptop charger, it’s extension cord, my wireless mouse, and a flashdrive that fits very handily in the stretchy flashdrive pocket sewn into the inside. I have fit more into the pocket tho, but that is the minimum that is always with me in the case.

It is also very slim-line, and fits wonderfully in my messenger bag and backpack without taking up any unnecessary room like some cases.

I bought it because I wanted a slim sleeve without giving up convenience to carry my accessories and it delivers very well for what it’s supposed to do. The only possible way this could get better would be to come in different colors. =] I definitely recommend it.
Rating: 5 / 5

This is a perfect fit for my 13″ Macbook Pro, its adapter/charger, and it even has an extra storage pocket for a USB! I always recommend Caselogic products!
Rating: 5 / 5

I got this at 20 dlls. and it’s a great purchase. It has a very nice quality, feels good, materials are son nice. The pouch on the side it’s a great design add. It really stands it apart. Most sleeves don’t have anything else and double the price…

So, a very good product at a very good price.
Rating: 4 / 5

This fits my Macbook Pro great. Some seem to complain that the zipper will scratch the computer but I don’t have that problem. Maybe that could be the case with older models, but this sleeve fits my Spring 2010 13″ Macbook Pro perfect. About 1/4″ extra space between the computer and the zipper. The small pocket on the front is great for a small portable hard drive or power cord.
Rating: 5 / 5

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