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How do I share an internet connection between my desktop pc and my new laptop?

Posted by admin | Posted in Computer | Posted on 14-05-2009


I have a year old desktop pc, and just purchased a new laptop..can anyone tell me in simple steps how to set them up to share a dsl internet connection? the desktop is running xp and the laptop has vista…

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Get a router. Linksys is a good brand to choose.

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buy a router, preferably wireless since you have a laptop and it would make things convenient. Have someone that knows about computers and you wouldn’t mind asking to come set it up for you. Most people with a general knowledge of computers will know how to.

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Make sure you have a hub/modem with 2 ports, one for the pc and one for the laptop, since your laptop is new, I suggest that you configure your laptop’s network settings to adapt to the connection.

If that doesn’t work, try and check your connections to see if you got it right.

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k if you have a router…meaning…cordless not dial up then

go to start
find and clickcontrol panel
find and click network and sharing center

or the esiest…
go to start…
find and click connect to
and ull be able to find it there your router….

its cool cause i also have a laptop and it has vista …so hope i helped

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buy a router that will covert the dsl into wireless. this will make it easier for your laptop, plus you can go anywhere at home with your laptop, as long as the signal is within range. but first check if ur laptopn and desktop can support this.. :)

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you do not need to buy a wireless router – although that is one way of doing things.

so you can follow the above advice or you can buy a wireless pci/pci-e card for your desktop then use the internet connection sharing wizard to route the connection through the card where it will be able to be picked up by your laptop

this is cheaper than buying a router and less hassel as often you need to configure a router.
pci wireless cards range form £8-£40 search froogle (google products) ideally you want a 108mbs one but for generall ssurfing email etc… a 54mbs one will be fine

note this method you will only have internet access when your desktop is switched on. so if you have it on most of the time anyway its good but if not go for a router.

Content by Alvisa Rizky

Let’s cover what you need to get Internet access to more than one computer at home, via wireless LAN.

1. You order or use your existing Cable or DSL Internet access.

2. Your Cable or DSL company sets up your Internet access and typically either rents or sells you a Cable or DSL “modem”.

Prices for Cable or DSL Internet access vary from approximately $19 per month to $80 per month in the United States. This varies based on bandwidth, location, and provider.

At this point you have what is commonly called Broad Band Internet access.

Now you want to share that high speed connection with more than one system or you want to be able to cart your laptop all over the house and stay connected to the internet.

1. Confirm that your system has a wireless adapter or get one and install it. You need one of these for each computer.

2. Get a wireless router. I recommend the D-Link Dir-655. Get D-Link n series Adapters if you get the D-Link wireless router.

3. Plug the wireless router directly into the Cable or DSL “modem” via an Ethernet cable.

4. Unplug the electrical cord from your Cable or DSL “modem” for 30-45 seconds.

5. Plug the power cable back in.

6. Check the Cable or DSL “modem” for green lights.

7. Make sure that the properties of TCP/IP are set to Obtain IP address automatically, and obtain DNS automatically on ALL of your computers.

8. Turn on or reboot your system(s).

Now you should be able to stay connected to the Internet with all of your computers.

If you can not access the Internet from every computer:

Attempt to log in to your wireless router via your web browser (internet exploder or Firefox) by typing in
Then log in using admin and admin typically. Be sure to change the password to something of your own choosing.
Enable DHCP by following the instructions in the manual for your wireless router.

You only need one wireless router for you wireless LAN. One wireless router can potentially accomodate up to 253 wireless computers. My wireless router only has MAC tables for up to 32 devices.

For extra security:

1. Don’t announce the SSID of your wireless router.
2. Use WPA2 if you can. WPA-PSK if not, or WEP at the least.
3. Put the MAC addresses of all of your computers into the MAC routing table of your wireless router and ONLY ALLOW from the addresses in the table of the wireless router.
4. Turn the SPI firewall of the wireless router ON.
5. Filter anonymous or incomplete packets.

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