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Lenovo Ideapad U-350 13.3-Inch Black Laptop – Up to 5 Hours of Battery Life

Posted by admin | Posted in Notebook | Posted on 25-06-2010


  • Processor: SU7300, 1.3 GHz, Intel Core 2 Duo processor with ultra low voltage
  • Memory: 4 GB – PC3-8500 1066 MHz DDR3, non parity, dual channel capable, 2 x 204 pin SO DIMM sockets
  • 320GB 5400RPM Serial ATA Hard Drive
  • 13.3″ (1366×768) 16:9 LED Display, Intel GMA 4500M Graphics
  • Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, Up to 5 Hours of Battery Life

Product Description
Small on the outside. Big on the inside. The Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2 netbook— one of the world’s most feature-rich netbooks with Quick Start and OneKey Rescue System. The IdeaPad S10-2 netbook is just over an inch thick with the 6 cell battery and weighs a miniscule 2.65lbs but comes packed with features like VeriFace facial recognition technology, OneKey rescue system and stereo speakers with DolbyHeadphone technology. But the biggest feature of all is the QuickSt… More >>

Comments (5)

I think this is a good laptop, but decided to return it. I researched lots of laptops in the moderately-priced 13.3-inch screen thin and light category. Ultimately, I was choosing between the Asus UL30A-X5 and the Lenovo. The Lenovo won out by a hair. I already own the 12-inch Asus UL 20A-A1, which I bought for the road and as an upgrade from a 10-inch netbook. I really like the 20A and recommend it. With that solid track record, why did I initially go with the Lenovo?

The biggest reason I went with the Lenovo is that I thought I would like the keyboard a bit more than the Asus. The Asus has a decent keyboard, but I thought the Lenovo, with the IBM lineage, would be superior. The Lenovo keyboard has a slightly more solid feel, but I can’t say that everyone would prefer it to the Asus. It’s probably just a matter of personal preference. The specifications of the units otherwise were similar. You’ll see that a lot of online reviews downgrade the Lenovo for performance, but that was with a different processor, not the 7300.

The Lenovo has a fair amount of fan noise. I don’t find it unduly distracting, but prefer the quieter Asus. I also think the Asus is a nicer-looking unit. The Lenovo’s exterior is sharp looking, but the interior really exudes cheap plastic. I like the Lenovo’s touchpad more than the Asus, which has kind of a funny texture. On the other hand, the Lenovo’s “mouse” buttons beneath the touchpad give off an audible cheap plastic noise when you depress them — something that doesn’t occur with the Asus.

The other annoyance with the Lenovo is that it occasionally pops up with an offer to sell you something, and this also occurs during initial setup and installation. It’s really tacky, and a big turn-off to me. It’s oppressive compared to other computers I’ve purchased.

The Lenovo is just a tad lighter than the Asus UL30A; about 3.5 pounds versus about 3.7. The Asus screen appears to have more clarity and sharpness than the Lenovo.

Ultimately, I decided the Lenovo has a bit of a cheap feel about it. Combining that with the somewhat loud fan, the somewhat less clear screen than the Asus, and overall what seems like an inferior all-around design, I just wasn’t entirely comfortable with the Lenovo. I’ll probably go with the Asus. This really is kind of a toss-up, though, as I do think the Lenovo trackpad is superior and the keyboard is arguably superior as well. You really can’t go wrong with either laptop. In an ideal world, you’d go to a store and check out both units, but I don’t think that’s going to be possible for most customers, as I don’t believe these units are commonly in retail stores.

Rating: 4 / 5

After initially purchasing the Acer Aspire One 8 inch model last year I found that the performance was good for basic web browsing but that was it. Performance, size of screen and small keyboard made me part with the unit after a few months. From then I have been looking for the ideal ultra portable unit thats a balance between a netbook and a notebook. After looking at various models from Acer (the 11.6 inch netbooks), HP- Mini 311 and Lenovo S-12 I decided to go with the Lenovo U-350. The main reason I chose not to go with the other three choices was the lack of powerful processor — they work mainly on the Intel Atom processor. The HP Mini 311 and Lenovo S-12 both can be bought with Nvidia Ion processors for better graphics performance but the lack of CPU options kept me from choosing those units.

The U-350 comes with a powerful dual core Intel Centrino 2 processsor and 4 gb of RAM. So far I am really impressed with this unit which runs on Windows 7 Premium Home edition. The Startup time is very good and there is know lag in opening applications. This was the problem I had with the Atom powered netbooks they all lagged in performance when you had to open multiple applications. With the U-350 this is not a problem. The graphics performance is also not bad you can stream video without any major lag in frame transition. One thing I would suggest is when you initially configure the unit make sure to delete all the extra software that it ask you to load. Keep the system clean and simple and delete any bloat when you don’t need. That’s probably my only negative about the unit but easily manageable. The unit itself is very sleek looking at only 3.30 pounds it has a very slim profile and look like a MacBook from the inside. The 13.3 inch screen is very bright and adequate in size compared to a 11.6 to 12 inch screen. Another benefit is the full size keyboard which you don’t get in most netbooks. The battery gives about 4.5 hours of charge – a few hours more would be ideal.

All in all for the extra $150 this is a much better investment which can go a long ways compared to the current netbook models on the market. For the price it’s a very eye catching Ultra Portable. It even has Veriface software that allows you to login in with a scan of your face.

If your thinking of buying this unit don’t hesitate — it’s worth the small premium over a netbook.
Rating: 5 / 5

Very pleased with this inexpensive laptop. Compared to other reviews, I was not annoyed by advertising pop-ups. Either I figured out how to turn them off or they are no longer as obnoxious.

The touchpad has been a challenge – the sensitivity is different compared to my 6 year old ThinkPad. I have to remember to use the center of the pad to “click” thru. I don’t miss Bluetooth – I opted not to get a model that included it. The hard drive size and RAM are great conveniences for the price. I also don’t miss the internal DVD drive – I bought an inexpensive peripheral.

The light weight of the unit makes it easy to carry around all the time.

The battery life is good and the selection of ports is very good.
Rating: 4 / 5

I am very eager to review this product but cannot do so as I have yet to receive it.

I pre-ordered it, as the Amazon website listed Oct 22 as availability date. That date passed and there was no communication from Amazon. After inquiring with them, they gave me a new estimate.

Finally the computer shipped on the new estimated date, but it has yet to arrive. Amazon did not have the emotional intelligence to expedite shipping despite the product being delayed.

Now I am concerned that the product might not be up to snuff or the Amazon description inaccurate.

Check back in 3 days. I will hopefully have my item by then. And don’t pre order items from Amazon — unless it’s a book or CD.


It is November 4 and I finally have my machine. I have been playing with it for the past three hours.

The performance has been better than I expected. I preordered the machine with Windows 7 and a new ULV processor – both that haven’t been tested extensively in the market. But as I said, so far so good. I have purposely tried to multi task and my system has not slowed down. The computer boots up pretty fast and Windows 7 is easy enough to navigate.

I had a little moment of panic when I first got the item because it says Intel Centrino 2 inside, but Amazon description said Core 2 Duo. After some research online (and no thanks to Amazon OR Lenovo) I figured out that Centrino 2 is the technology that includes the Core 2 Duo processor.

The internet connectivity is amazing – it connects to my home wireless network so much faster than my HP laptop (now 4 yrs old).

The only reason I am giving it 4 stars is because it feels a little plasticky. I am realistic that I cannot expect the world for the price I paid, still I was hoping for better. I’d be extremely concerned about dropping it or any hard shakes. I have also come to the realization that even though computer prices have come down, quality has been compromised. Anyway, I am consoling myself that the insides will last way longer than I think! The other annoying thing is the synaptics touchpad. The click buttons are a little noisy and I don’t know how, but seems like by some movement of my palm, the font size on the screen is quickly reduced. I don’t yet know how to stop this feature.

Nice keyboard and look and feel. Very sleek, light and thin. The pictures on Amazon are an accurate reflection. I cannot wait to connect it to my HDTV and experience the playback quality. Happy to have an HDMI port. But no S video or other kind of port for older devices.

Quick to install and use out of box. No zillion CD Roms to contend with or software to uninstall. Overall I am satisfied. And have ripped off all the crazy stickers in anticipation of having a good long relationship with my new machine. Fingers crossed.

Rating: 4 / 5

Por fin he recibido mi nueva laptop Lenovo U350 296346U. Anteriormente tenía una mini laptop Acer Aspireone de 9 pulgadas. De la que puedo decir que fue muy aceptable su rendimiento. Compre esta Lenovo U350 296346U, porque me pareció su diseño muy elegante y atractivo. Realmente es una laptop muy delgada, su diseño es muy bien acabado y el dibujo que tiene en la parte exterior de la pantalla es muy bien recibido.

La primera impresión es de ser una pc muy elegante, delgada y brillante. Es de buen tamaño y muy ligera.

El touchpad es estándar y muy suave al tacto, también puedo decir que responde rápido al tacto.

Las pegatinas indican Dolby Sound Room, Intel Centrino 2 y Windows 7, todas estas características son muy muy bien recibidas y son las que hacen que esta pc sea aun más interesante.

Se puede ver que es muy delgada y los detalles en los extremos son muy suaves, me refiero a las curvas de los extremos.

En cuanto al rendimiento puedo decir que la Lenovo U350 296346U es muy aceptable. Yo personalmente estoy muy satisfecho con el rendimiento. Tengo unos 80 GB de información entre documentos, MP3s y videos y no disminuye su potencia. El disco duro viene particionado en tres partes una es oculta y reservada enteramente para la recuperación del sistema, es en esta partición oculta donde está el sistema operativo y los programas que trae por default. Las otras dos particiones son una de 250 GB, en la que están todos los programas y el sistema operativo instalado y otra de 30 GB. En la que solo están los drivers de la pc.

A mí me hubiera gustado que viniera una sola partición y trajera sus discos de recuperación aparte, pero bueno ¿Qué le puedo hacer? En fin en total el disco es de 320 GB.

En cuanto al teclado puedo decir que es muy amplio y cómodo, las teclas son suaves y muy completas. Al escribir no se siente mucho el calor despedido por el procesador y es muy silenciosa, después de todo creo que todas las laptops son así.

La pantalla es bien amplia y muy nítida, tiene excelentes niveles de contraste y brillo, aun no he usado el sensor de luz que permite que la intensidad de luz de la pantalla se ajuste para una mejor visión y ahorro de energía de la batería, la cual tiene un tiempo útil de 5 horas.

He instalado el virtualbox para virtualizar Windows XP, ya que tengo unos programas que no corren en Windows 7, y la U350 responde muy bien. Carga rápido la maquina virtual y Windows 7 no pierde rendimiento, los programas se ejecutan muy rapidos y no se nota que pesadez en la pc.

En términos generales estoy muy contento con mi Lenovo U350 296346U, es una portátil muy ligera, elegante, con una autonomía de la batería muy aceptable y finalmente un rendimiento excelente. Les dejo unas fotos de super pi realizadas por esta muñeca.

Rating: 5 / 5

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