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Lighted USB Keyboard – Gentle crisp clear BLUE LED light illuminates each key yet stress free to your eyes – Full size Multimedia functions, One-touch internet access

Posted by admin | Posted in Computer | Posted on 15-10-2010


  • Non-glare gentle BLUE LED light illuminates through each key
  • Smooth quite touch lighted keys let you type with lights off
  • One-touch internet access keys
  • Life of more than 10,000,000 percussions
  • Comprehensive Multimedia keys and functions

Product Description
This White LED Lighted Black Keyboard W-9868- USB Black Multimedia Keyboard with smooth “Whole silica gel” cushioned keys. This energy saving keyboard has a non-glare LED lighted board with a USB interface. Great for easy access to multi-media applications. Type without your lights off. Smooth quite touch keys. Gentle white LED illuminates clearly through each key yet gentle enough not to cause stress to your eyes even after extended period of use.

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Comments (5)

This is a compact keyboard and the key layout is very poor. The keys themselves do not press down well. If you press one key then the key next to it, it gets caught and doesnt depress at times causing typos. The home key next to a half sized backspace key is a total nuiscance. When you think you backspaced you actually hit the home key sending your cursor to the beginning of the line. The company I bought this from was excellent, very responsive to me emails. I would definately do business with them again, just not on this product.

Rating: 1 / 5

I rated it four stars because I do like the keyboard quite a bit. It’s very good looking and feels pretty nice too. With that said, it isn’t exactly what I expected. Bear in mind, though, that I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect.

I have zero idea what the company means by “Silica gel using the whole technology” (from package) and “Whole silica gel technology” (online). Silica gel is the stuff in the little desiccant packets, shipped with various items, to keep humidity down. I thought the company might have mistranslated “silicone” but that wasn’t the case. I wrongly expected the keys to have a smooth rubber-like feel and be really quiet, but I can’t tell any real difference between it and a standard keyboard. It isn’t very quiet (at least how I type) and the keys have a normal, mostly smooth, hard plastic feel. You can decide whether that’s a plus or minus. Since I like the keyboard, I don’t really mind. It’s at least as comfortable as most OEM keyboards and, even though it’s very light-weight, it feels like decent quality to me.

The blue LED back-lighting is very nice. It doesn’t seem too bright, but it’s visible in a fully lit room. After using it at night, I’ll know more, but I think it’s going to be nearly perfect.

Overall, I think it’s a great keyboard. Just go in expecting a decent keyboard with good-looking lighting (that you can turn on and off) and you’ll probably be satisfied. It’s the only illuminated keyboard I’ve found at this price level and, as long as it lasts well, I’ll be glad I made the purchase. The motto on the packaging is “Let’s make things more perfect!”. I wouldn’t say it’s perfect, but, for the money, it’s fairly close.

Rating: 4 / 5

I run a lot of things that just require occasional atention in an often dimly lit room and the sfot blue glow from this keyboard is just what the Doctor ordered. It’s even visible in a fully lit room but totally unobtrusive at night beacause the viewing angle is set up perfectly for when you’re typing, if you’re off to the side you can just notice that it’s lit.

The color tone is the perfect wavelength, not the harsh blue that most blue LEDs give off – it’s actually very pleasing to the eyes. Just one example of what rarely happens thee days – the engineers were really thinking about the customer when they designed it.

Tocuh/feel and overall height of the keys is very good, the only complaint I have goes towards all the newer keyboards no matter who makes them – I liked it when they had a big backspace key I could easily wham at as I make a lot of mistakes when I try to type in a hurry. No matter, a little program available for free “on the net” called “Sharp Keys” allows you remap keys in seconds, I usually completely turn off the cAPS lOCK key as well as the Insert and Delete keys I just don’t use – they’re left over frokm the DOS and terminal days.
Rating: 5 / 5

I have had this item for several months now. It is THE BEST keyboard I have ever owned. I really like the way the keyboad is illuminated. Best investment in keyboards around Haven’t had a single problem with it.
Rating: 5 / 5

No more squinting at the board in my poorly lit room! Easily seen in daytime,too.Took a day or two to get used to new size but I do the two-finger kind of typing, so no big deal.I can use a lighter touch on this,as opposed to my old one where you had to hammer the keys.I really like this board & the price is good – get it now!
Rating: 5 / 5

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