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Toshiba Satellite T135-S1310RD TruBrite 13.3-Inch Ultrathin Black/Red Laptop – 9 Hours 22 Minutes of Battery Life

Posted by admin | Posted in Notebook | Posted on 27-05-2010


  • 1.3GHz Intel Pentium Ultra Low Voltage SU4100 Processor
  • 4GB Memory
  • 320GB Serial ATA Hard Drive
  • 13.3″ LED-Backlit Display
  • Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, *9 Hours 22 Minutes of Battery Life

Product Description
The Satellite T135 Series are affordable, ultrathin laptops built for everyday life on the go. Toshiba’s thinnest and lightest Satellite models feature a power-efficient processor, making them ideal for students or fast-moving pros who demand a travel-friendly laptop with long battery life. Though sleek and light, the T135 Series deliver the performance you’d expect from a standard laptop—horsepower to handle the day’s tasks or evening’s entertainment, plu… More >>

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I was torn between getting a netbook or upgrade my several year old laptop. I do a lot of traveling so I liked the idea of the smaller netbooks that were lightweight and easy to carry around. I didn’t like that fact that they were underpowered and had low screen resolution so I was hesitant about buying one.

My main criteria were

1. Lightweight and portable

2. Powerful enough to handle video and other media without too much struggle

3. Long battery life

I started looking at laptops but most were no lighter than my current laptop and had battery power lasting around 3 or 4 hours (unless I went with a Mac…no thank you). I looked at various netbooks such as the million that Asus offers and liked the long battery life but the Intel Atom chip just seemed too weak for my liking. So I was stuck between underpowered netbook and too big to lug around laptop.

I made a trip to Best Buy and saw the newly released Toshiba Satellite laptops. I like the design, bigger than a netbook but smaller than a laptop and I liked the fact that they run dual core processors (at least this model and the one Best Buy had). Seemed to meet my needs in the middle.

I decided to give this laptop a try but had a decision to make. Do I buy this model from Amazon (T135-S1310) for $700 or do I buy the model at Best Buy (T135-S1309) for $550. Confused as to that main differences between the two, I started doing some research. The Best Buy model seemed to have everything that the Amazon model had with the exception of 1gb less of RAM. Well, I can upgrade to 4gb easily and cheaply enough so the $150 gap still works in my favor but then I noticed that the Best Buy model is only running 32bit Windows 7. Not knowing if it will accept a 64 bit operating system (i.e. is the computer only 32 bit) I decided to spend a little more and get it from Amazon. Plus, I was able to get it in red which looks very nice (sans the fingerprints!). Not sure if the 64bit makes that much of a difference but at least I can run 4gb of RAM and have it recognized.

The laptop works as I would expect. Size is perfect for me to travel with. It is much smaller in overall size compared to my Dell 15 inch and the weight of abut 3.8 pounds feels like a feather to my Dell which comes in close to 6.5 pounds. It is significant!!!! Overall, I can’t complain about the speed of the computer as I was not expecting it to rival the new I7′s coming out. My older laptop runs an Intel, Core Duo (not Core 2) at 1.66ghz and the Toshiba seems to compete with that very well, probably a bit faster due to Windows 7 Home Premium. I don’t feel like I downgraded on my laptop by using this.

The wireless N network card had no issues finding my home network and connecting. My speed tests showed me getting almost 12mbps download speeds compared to my G laptop that gets about 7mbps. So the N speeds are faster. This was my first device that could utilize my D-Link DIR-655 N router so I am glad it actually works!

I have played a bit with video online with Hulu, Netflix and stuff I have created and it handles it fairly well. HD content can get a bit choppy at times but does play smoothly unless something else decides to run in the background. This is one area that you must sacrifice when buying such a small computer for this price, no dedicated graphics card. Not a deal breaker since most things seems to run well.

Sound is a big issue and my one main complaint. At full volume, you can barely hear anything out of the main speakers. This will be useless to use unless a set of external speakers or headphones are used. Hopefully this can be fixed in some future firmware/driver update but who knows.

Battery life is amazing. In Eco mode, you can run this for close to the 9 hours it is listed at. Of course, video or other media will cut that down quite a bit but I am averaging around 7 hours per charge with a decent amount of video/music playing. This is a great feature for travelers.

I did remove most of the preinstalled software that came with the machine as I find most of it useless but I left most of the Toshiba stuff on it to see if any of it is worth keeping for now. The face recognition software is cool but I am not sure how useful it will be over time as I will be the only user of the computer and I don’t keep any important files on it. I guess it is for bragging rights that I have that capability.

I will try and post updates as I use this but right now I am completely satisfied with my purchase. Oh, as you already know, this does not come with an optical drive so if you need one, you either need an external or skip this machine all together.


JMesa….thank you!!!!!! Your audio tweak worked. I can fianlly hear the other perosn on the nd of my video calls now!! It’s strange how low the volume is until you push all the equalizer adjustments to the top. Wouldn’t want to play music through headphones with these levels but at least I can finally hear stuff!. Makes this purchase even better!! Big fan of this laptop and Windows 7…..so much I upgraded all 3 machines in my house!

****One more Update*****

Had to write a quick update to express how happy I am that this laptop is a lot more rugged than it appears! I was carrying a few things from my kitchen to my basement yesterday and had my laptop resting on top of the stuff I was carrying. It slipped off and fell on my tile kitchen floor. Bateery came carshing off and I could see the laptop bounce a bit (it was about a 4 foot drop!). I first impression was….there goes $700! Hwever, I popped the battery back in, tunred it on and eveything is fine. Not even a scratch or dent! If this was my 100 pound Dell, it would have shattered into a million pieces and my floor would probably need replacing. Toshiba difinitely made a laptop worthy of business travel combining lightweight, power, and now…sturdiness. Is it bulletproof too? I hope I never have to find out.

Oh, and I just got back from a cross country trip (Boston to Seattle) and my Toshiba performed wonderfully during the whole trip. Even the video conferencing with my my wife and son using the hotel’s free wi-fi connection worked well under Live Messenger (haven’t tried Skype with it yet). The camera quality is a little blah compared to my 2mp camera on my desktop, but I can live with it!
Rating: 5 / 5

I just received this Toshiba laptop two days ago and am delighted with it. I had been looking for the right product since last summer, and I’m glad I waited. This product has the the smaller form factor and light weight of a netbook, yet it is large enough and powerful enough to be a full-function laptop.

I have been using it for two days and have had no trouble with anything. I purchased the Toshiba Dynadock, and downloaded the Windows 7 drivers with no problem. The touchpad works perfectly, the keyboard is full-size, the screen is sharp and bright. I had been looking for a matte screen, and while it is not matte, they claim it is “anti-glare.” Seems to be better than others I looked at. Network performance is excellent — the first device to take advantage of my N router. Also comes with bluetooth (nice for a small portable mouse), which is not true of all others in this category.

A couple additional notes — the face recognition software sounds like it should work great and should provide instantaneous entree into your system. It’s a time-consuming gimmick, I’m sorry to say. Maybe for future generations of the software. The touchpad works well once you realize you need to use a very light touch with it. Otherwise the motion is jerky. Finally, the red color is gorgous.



I am adding an update to this review after having used the product for several weeks. Overall, I am still quite delighted with it; however, I wanted to add a comment about the track pad and performance with a mouse. I have had none of the sensitivity issues regarding the track pad that reviewers commented on with other brands of similar products. However, the track pad and mouse are both slightly sluggish with the new graphical interface of Windows 7. No problem at all with text, and I am hoping this is a Windows 7 issue that will be addressed in maintenance updates, not a hardware issue. I would be interested in hearing from anyone with experience in this area.

Additionally, the performance of the system with lots of photos, graphics, etc. is sluggish, even with 4GB RAM and the 64-bit version of the O/S. I use the system primarily for applications that are not graphic-intensive; however, if you expect to be doing a good deal of photo editing etc., this system probably doesn’t offer the graphics processing capability you would need.

I took it on a trip recently — it is about the size of a college notebook and light in weight. I used it for 4 hours straight and still appeared to have approx 50% battery left.
Rating: 5 / 5

I have bought this laptp and it is really great. Super fast, really lightweight and with an impressive look.

About the sound: you can increase sound DRAMATICALLY if you follow this steps:

Go to Control Panel


On the lower part, select SMART EQ/3D SETTINGS


Pull the buttons up (i have them still at number 7, quite enough as you will see)

Enjoy AWESOME volume!!!


November 21 Review Actualization

Well, it has been almost a month since I bought my T135 and I can say I love this little Titan.



-Powerful. With Windows 7 64 edition, I can get as much performance as a my other Core 2 Duo Toshiba Sattellite A135 laptop.

- I can get 9 hours plus of battery life (Eco Mode). As per the other person stating that he can get only 4 hours of battery life, that is in full power mode. Try to get 4 hours of battery life at full power from any other machine and you will fail miserably

- Great Graphics

- Great sound if you do as I stated above:

- Wifi 802.11N!!! I mean, I an get my 802.11N signal from some 200 meters in my garden!!!

- Gorgeous looks


I have edited video and music (iTunes and a couple of DVD rippers) and it does them in a couple of minutes

- IT’S a TOSHIBA!!!!

- Video conferencing (Skype and Messenger) it’s really good, although the camera it’s only 1.3 megapixels

- After 10 hours of use, at full power, it barely gets warm. You can put it on your bag right away

- Ultra Low Voltage means Ultra Low Energy Consumption. I mean guys, we have to be environmentally conscious. This babe just uses 19V of energy at full power, down to 8-10 Volts at Eco Mode.


- I hate on every laptop (no matter what brand) the touch pads. I always use an external mouse.


- You can do a fingerprint exam on the laptop. I do not know why it gets so finger dirty (and believe me, I wash my hands very often). I bought a GelySkin for the exterior and it’s a great add-on

Rating: 5 / 5

UPDATE TO MY PREVIOUS REVIEWS: After keeping my first T135 for a month, I ended up returning it because the problems persisted with the ghost cursor just intermittently moving on its own and blinking when holding the cursor under various icons and the shutdown button blinking, leaving it impossible to type in Microsoft Word, or do a Google search or anything for that matter. I called Toshiba many times and as many other posters mentioned, they are USELESS. Their only advice every time was just to do a system recovery, which did nothing. Beach Camera (Amazon vendor) sent me another T135 to replace the first one and I have had it about a week now and it is exhibiting the same problem. All my drivers are current, my mouse is properly configured and I even adjusted the mouse sensitivity and speed, to no avail. I also disabled the touch pad for a day and updated the BIOS for this machine, two things which I thought had fixed the problem, but no such luck. Then I enabled the touchpad again, and all my virus and maleware scans have come up clean. I am completely lost at this point and beyond frustrated – as another poster said, I am ready to throw this laptop out the window. I have spent far too much time dealing with this issue for over a month now between the two computers and I am DONE. Tomorrow I am returning this one too. It’s a gorgeous looking laptop with nice features but it doesn’t work properly so it’s worthless and for the most part I couldn’t get anything done without this problem creeping up again and again. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND BUY A LAPTOP WITHOUT ISSUES.

Just got this laptop and there are some issues…like the scroll bar on the right-hand side of the page in Internet Explorer 8 doesn’t move, though it’s fine in Firefox. I tried removing it, but there is no add/remove option for it on this system, only to kind of disable it. It’s very annoying not to be able to scroll down the page. Does anyone know how to fix this? Also, I hooked up my Logitech mouse (which works fine on my old Toshiba), but on this one is all over the place. I added it as a new device, but that didn’t fix the problem. Maybe I have to install the CD it came with on this laptop as well in order for it to work properly. Any help you guys can offer would be much appreciated!

UPDATE: Thanks for your help everyone! If you can believe it… turned out that my mouse was not the problem. I ran Malwarebytes anti-spam program and they found 8 high-level viruses on my brand new laptop. I was stunned since it was just out of the box for only three days. So I called Toshiba tech support and a very nice woman told me she felt that the second party vendor that Amazon shipped it from (Beach Camera) may have configured the computer before sending it to me and accidentally got viruses on there. She suggested that we completely restore my brand new laptop to its out-of-the-box state and walked me through each step on how to do that. After the whole process was done and everything was set up, I immediately ran Malewarebytes full scan and again, it found the SAME 8 high-level viruses on it (which it fully removed, thankfully). I (and others) then concluded and tended to agree with the Toshiba tech support person who said that Beach Camera may have inadvertently put viruses on there. But I am not so sure that’s the case and it could even be Microsoft or another company that put viruses on it from the factory before shipping it to me. Scary and upsetting considering I felt like I had just lost over $700 on a spankin’ new gorgeous computer. I called Beach Camera and they were totally professional and even though they don’t typically exchange or make refunds on computers, they tried to make accommodations for me. I told them I would give it a couple more days and see how the laptop was working and then decide if I would ask for a refund or exchange. After running Malewarebytes a few more times and getting clean scans, I really feel that it was not necessarily Beach Camera’s fault, but probably something (as I previously mentioned) to do with Microsoft or another company that infected this new machine before it was ever mine.

FINAL WORDS: It’s now running great, my mouse is fully configured and doing fine, the IE8 scrolling problem is resolved and I am thrilled with my new purchase, which I got in the beautiful NOVA white. It looks like a piece of art and I love its small, amazingly thin stature. It’s so much lighter than my previous Toshiba Satellite (15.6 with +++ added weight due to extended life battery and case). I travel frequently back and forth from California to New Jersey and just took my first trip home for Thanksgiving with this baby and it was a joy to carry! I highly recommend the Toshiba Satellite T135-S1310RD TruBrite 13.3-Inch, but just beware if you notice any crazy symptoms after opening it, the kind mine was exhibiting — and yours may have also come from the factory pre-installed with viruses on it, but I certainly hope you don’t have to go through what I did!
Rating: 2 / 5

I returned this unit just one day after receiving it. It broke my heart to do so – I researched my purchase in great detail, and literally could go on at length about why this laptop is such a wonderful little device.

Unfortunately, the deal breaker for me was the touchpad.

Toshiba has just released a service bulletin (#98082909) that clearly states:

“When using the left or right touchpad button, if either button is pressed too near the center, the cursor will no longer move with the touchpad or will move erractically.

- – - – - – - -

This issue is resolved with a hardware change. Please contact Toshiba Support and arrange to have the unit repaired.”

It seemed tragic to have a brand new unit, and such a good looking one at that, spend its first few days being repaired.

Obviously, the problem is a non issue if you are an external mouse user (which I am not).

For those offended by this low rating, please note that my aim here is not to malign Toshiba (I actually am a big fan of their laptops). Instead, I’m hoping this information will spare you the immense frustration that I just went through with this product as I tried to figure out what in the world was happening with the touchpad.


Call me fickle, but I’ve since found a new true love … the Lenovo U450P. Check out my review of that product for details. My U450P meets all my needs with great panache … and I recommend it very highly indeed.

Happy mousing!

Rating: 1 / 5

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