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What is the power consumption of desktop pc in standby/sleep mode if the pc power unit is rated 650W?

Posted by admin | Posted in Computer | Posted on 21-05-2009


My desktop power unit is rated 450W. This is connected to the mains via an UPS with a capacity of 650W. My queries are:
1. Is my pc consuming 450W or 650W (assuming only the pc is connected)?
2. In the pc standby or sleep mode, what is the power consumption? (the LCD monitor is 33W but consumes <1W in the standby/sleep mode).
Thanks for the help.

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Well it depends on your computer-up to 30Watts-the newer ones 15W.Although shut off your computers PSU uses up to 5 Watts-hold your hand on your computer where the PSU is-IS IT WARM?

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