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Caselogic SCS-15 15.4-Inch Canvas Laptop Shuttle

Holds up to a 15.4¿ laptop Unique exterior graphic overlays One external flap pocket 100% Cotton Canvas Product DescriptionCaselogic SCS-15 15.4-inch Canvas Laptop Shuttle! Keeping it simple. Padded canvas structure helps protect your laptop from the elements. The exterior pocket keeps all the accessories...

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Zero Halliburton Z-FLY Medium Computer Sleeve

Posted by admin | Posted in Computer | Posted on 31-07-2010


  • Soft and durable material stretches to fit most small to medium sized laptops
  • Lightweight
  • Elegant logo and clasp
  • Mixed textured materials

Product Description
Soft and protective neoprene sleeve protects most small to medium sized laptops…. More >>

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Love the brand for producing high-end cases and attaches, and this very simple sleeve adds to my other cases by Zero Halliburton. Sure, there are many other similar sleeves for less, but I don’t want just any one. I figured if I invested $1,500 on a 13″ MacBook Pro or even my Dell Inspiron 11z netbook, both fit very well and looks impressive. Velcro enclosure keeps your laptop securely locked in and most importantly, prevents scratches which is why you’d buy a sleeve to begin with during transport. No doubt, there are several similar sleeves out there to take your credit card number and bill you, however you might as well get a great one that’s durable, made to last, easy to grip and transport, and keeps scratches at bay while you move around. TSA approved for you frequent flyers too.
Rating: 5 / 5

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